Version 2

Version 2
The new dashboard
Tl;dr EmailEngine version 2 is now available.
EmailEngine is an email syncing application that allows to access your user's email accounts via an easy to use REST API instead of IMAP.

Some big news this time. For the past months, I’ve been secretly working on a new version of EmailEngine. This includes a lot of bug fixes but also some major changes.

Distribution changes

So far EmailEngine was distributed either as the source code or through npm registries (both the public and the private Postal Systems registry). From now on there are going to be executable binary files you can download and run. Source code is also available.

License changes

EmailEngine v1 was licensed under the AGPL version 3, or if downloaded from Postal Systems private npm registry, then under the MIT license. EmailEngine v2 is licensed under a commercial EmailEngine license. Using the EmailEngine license requires you to provision a license key from Postal Systems homepage.


EmailEngine v1 was internal use only and thus did not offer any authentication or authorization. EmailEngine v2 is built for public access and has 3 distinct authorization zones:

  • Admin area. Uses a regular web/cookie-based authentication. Accessible for the admin user only.
  • API access. All API endpoints require an access token to operate
  • Public area. Hosted authentication form that you can integrate with your application. This allows easy OAuth2 (both Gmail and Outlook) setup and also more convenient IMAP/SMTP setup

Improved OAuth2 support

EmailEngine v2 speaks OAuth2 fluently with the Gmail and Outlook servers. There are also a lot of bug fixes related to OAuth2.

Better account management

So far you could either add or delete accounts and that's about it. The new EmailEngine includes better account management tools.